C) Credit Challenged Investors



Many people that have had credit issues inaccurately assume that they will not qualify for fix and flip financing due to having foreclosures, bankruptcies, short sales, loan modifications, and judgements.  The main thing that you need to keep in mind is the most important factor for fix and flip financing is the PROPERTY. If the numbers do not make sense to a lender, if almost does not matter if you have great credit and have plenty of capital and experience.


Many lenders only go back two years on derogatory credit.  Yes, that means that if you had a foreclosure, bankruptcy short sale, loan more or judgements longer than two years ago, it is highly feasible you can obtain financing.  Again, keep in mind that the numbers from the After Repair Value (ARV) need to make sense for it to happen.


Below are the normal forms you will need to submit:


Loan Application  (pdf)  (Word)

Personal Financial Statement  (pdf)  (Word)

Scope Of Work Budget Form  (pdf)  (Word)

Completed Rehab Transactions  (pdf)  (Word)

Real Estate Owned  (pdf)  (Word)

Residential 1003 Application  (pdf)  (Word)

Additional information / documents you will need: (Varies by lender)

  • Proof of equity (Documentation varies by lender)
  • 1-2 Years Personal Tax Returns (Some lenders do not require)
  • Purchase / Sale Agreement
  • Corporate / LLC Documents (Most lenders require to close in corporate name)
  • Identification (Drivers license / social security card, etc.)
  • Closing Attorney Contact
  • Verification Of Insurance

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